Facts: On January 26th Arthur Phillip came to Australia on the first fleet and there he proclaimed Australia to be a part of the English colony.


. Why was foundation day renamed to ‘Australia Day’?

. Why did the First Fleet arrive on the day that soon became Australia Day?


. I wonder if we Australian’s are going to ever become part of another countries colony.


100 Word Challenge Week#10

One Day three men named John, Steven and Leonard were all talking about the government and how Malcom Turnbull got elected as the prime minister. John wanted Tony Abbot to win the election, Leonard wanted Malcom Turnbull to win because he can do some good for all the people in Australia. Then there was Steven, he didn’t want anyone to win because he just wasn’t interested in the government at all and he didn’t want to get involved with it. When Steven said that he didn’t want to be interested in the government then John & Leonard said, ok let’s just talk about footy then.

SRC persuasive text

Persuasive text-`Student Representative council`

Hello students my name is Jonah Seago and I strongly believe that I should be part of the student representative council because of all of the following reasons:

The first reason that I`m applying for this role of a representative is that I am brave. An example of this is that when I was at my previous school I auditioned and gained a main role in our school`s musical production. Before that I was really shy of performing in front of people. Also I made a brave decision on my own, a decision in which I`m sure will prove to be a good decision. My family recently moved from oak park to Moonee Ponds and I decided that to make it easier for myself and my family, I would attend Moonee Ponds primary school. I didn’t know anyone here and I was really nervous, but I did it.

I am also a very reliable person. Friends can count on me no matter what. I`m also trustworthy- an example of this is one day my mum and brother went out to do the grocery shopping and I chose to stay home. I followed all the “home alone rules” and everything was perfect when they returned.

My third quality is honesty. You can count on me to tell the truth and to share my opinion honestly at all times.

As well as these important quality`s I love to have fun, I get things done, and I am always easy to talk to. Thank you These were the reasons that I should be in the Student Representative Council.


buddie letter

Hello Jack,

My name is Jonah and I am in year 5 I am new at this school as well so I already know what we have in common. I know that the time we have together is going to be great. I enjoy playing a variety of sports such as basketball and soccer, also when I have some spare time I use that for doing all kinds of things like painting, reading, and sometimes even drumming to some music that I enjoy. Also I enjoy doing English and maths.

Now that I have told you all about me I want to know all about you. Firstly do you enjoy some or any of the things that I enjoy? Also do you play any instruments? And last but not least what subjects do you enjoy. I am looking forward to seeing you Jack.

From Jonah (your buddy)


100 Word Challenge#week9

Last night I had the best dream ever. I dreamt that I was a superhero and I was trying to create world peace. I also discovered that I had to fight against evil villains like my worst enemy ‘’ The Joker’’. What also happened was that when I was fighting the joker I realised that I had fists the size of monster trucks and legs as tall as the eureka sky deck. I also wondered why my skin was turning green and I suddenly realised that I was the son of the Incredible Hulk! If only my dreams came true.

100 word challenge week#8

Hi my name’s Jonah and I’m a very talented dancer. All my friends say that it is likely that I am going to become the best dancer in the world, I don’t think that that’s possible. In my car on the way to my swimming class I stopped in the middle of the road. I was wondering why my car had stopped, then I checked the gas tank. I just remembered that I had to get some gas on the way. After my swimming class finished, I went to 7 eleven and bought myself an ice cold refreshing green Slurpee.

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